The Wastelands, sometimes just the Wastes, is a massive expanse of cracked dead earth in which only strange aberrant plant life can grow. Covered in storms of fire and rivers of lightning, it has become a manifest of the Elemental Chaos bursting forth into the Material Plane. The region is known to be inhabited by dangerous elementals and demons, as well as small fortresses and camps operated by The Dawn.

The Black City of Koren’kal: The base of operations for the Dawn. This city was built on the ruins of Onsingerion, the former capitol of the empire, and has taken on a strange structure of inverted ziggurats and rising black spires. Built out a strange black stone, it has become known as the Black City of Koren’kal (which in dwarvish means the Hall of Death). Mortekan theorized that the city may be an attempt to rebuild the fabled Temple of Elemental Evil on the Material Plane.

Temple of Suul: While the Dawn will quickly call this a temple, others would call it a brainwashing camp. The people of Haivar are often drug here to be converted into servants of the Dawn. Stranger still is the number of psionic sensitives that are drug into the lower chambers for unknown purposes.

Fortress Frelk’thul: A massive fortress among the northern regions of the wastelands, formerly an imperial outpost, it has become a training ground run by primordials and demons.

Ruins of Sila’nir: The former eladrin city of Sila’nir fell to the wastes a couple of years ago. Formerly the home of Alethia, it has fallen into the wastes and nothing remains but Eladrin ruins shattered on the cracked hardpan of the dead earth.


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