The Wyrshann Region

The Wyrshann Region of Anduris is the western edge of the country. The area is named for the Wyrshann mountain range that runs across the entire western coast, divided into the north and south by the Wyrhsann pass that leads to city of Solshann.

Recently, the region has become dominated by ravaging orcish hordes that mounted a surprise attack after taking over the city of Solshann. Our heroes were able to successfully defeat their leader Captain Gal’task leaving only his subordinates to coordinate the attack. This has left the forces scattered and unorganized, but in a land as desperate as Anduris, they are still a formidable foe to the locals.

Notable Places in the Wyrshann Region:

Stormwall: The home of Matisse, Rusty, and Malcolm. A small town in the mountains that was founded by Lady Pannir. The population was killed at the beginning of the campaign, and it is now home to some of the former villagers of Tent Town.

Tent Town: A large village at the entrance of the Wyrshann Pass. It was populated with people who tried to flee the growing rot by sailing west from Solshann, but were stopped by the Orc invasion. Some fled north to Stormwall at the heroes suggestions, others stayed and are presumed dead after the Orc assault.

Dor Kal: A dwarven city in the Northern Wyrshann Mountains. Home to the largest population of dwarves since the destruction of the Magthani dwarves. Dor Kal is known for its large crafting and trading guilds. Due to recent political issues, the dwarves have been rather reclusive during this time of crisis.

Falston: The largest city in the region, Falston is home to the majority of the trading in Wyrshann. The local farmers all bring their wares here to trade in the local markets. Between the orc invasion and the rot closing in, Falston is on hard times.

Felost Peak: A massive mountain the southern mountains. Felost peak is home to several breeds of dragon that hide among the jagged rocks. It is also rumored to be the location of the Temple of Nature.

Felost Village: A small village at the base of Felost Peak. It is home to a small population of livestock farmers and miners. They are concerned about the growing number of dragons on the peak.

Forest’s End: A small village at the end of Tyjar forest, mostly notable for the Shadewood Inn which is a popular rest point for travelers headed into the Tyjar Forest and to The Haivarian Downs.

Wanderers Cross: An inn that resides at the crossroads of the King’s Road and the Trade Road. Known for catering to adventurers, mercenaries, and traders. It’s a good place to find gossip of the going ons in Anduris. The state of the inn after the Orc Invasion is unknown.

Magekeep Tower: A wizard’s tower off the northwest coast of Anduris. It is home to Mortekan the Wizard. Where he is kept prisoner by the ever vigilant Eyes of Ioun, a paladin order sworn to keeping the Wizard’s experiments with the Far Realm trapped inside the tower. The heroes brokered a deal between the two factions, how this has fared for them is anyone’s guess.

The Wyrshann Region

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