The Dawn

Dawn uniformThe Dawn is a cult based out of The Black City. They are believers of an event called “The Black Dawn”, which as they claim will remake the world and usher in a new age where the mortal world will no longer rely on the Gods.

It has come to light that The Dawn worships a primordial god known as the Elder Elemental Eye, who was nearly destroyed during the Dawn War at the beginning of time. They seek to resurrect the Great Eye and usher it into the natural world from the Elemental Chaos in order to see the world undone and remade. They hope to accomplish this using The Black Dawn ritual and the Army of Three-Hundred-and-Thirty-Three.


The White King: The mysterious figure known as the White King rules over the Dawn from his throne in the heart of the Black City. It is believed that the White King is indeed The Elder Elemental Eye bound to the body of the last emperor of Anduris, Alric Brelan.

The Dawn Knights:

  • Ataqir: The Dawn Knight of Ice and Water. He was the one who wiped out Stormwall and attempted to have the heroes killed with an ice dragon.
  • Zavris: The Dawn Knight of Air. Likely the oldest of the four knights. He issued an order to have Camnir destroyed to Joroth. He was defeated during the Liberation of Haivar, where it was revealed that before becoming a Dawn Knight, he was Sizvar Damordred – Alethia’s father.
  • Baern: The Dawn Knight of Fire. Little is known about Baern. He was seen retrieving a DevilBlade from Skypierce Tower that he claimed was for use for something in the Temple of Order. He was last seen plummeting into the deadly gas in Skypierce Tower. He was confirmed to be still alive after encountering him in the Tyjar Forest, however he appeared barely sane compared to the last time he was encountered. This seems to have been caused by the Devilblade, which has freed him from the White King but has left his broken mind without the mind control that held it together. However, Baern met his demise during the heroes’ journey into the Temple of Learning.
  • Nahrees: Nahress was revealed to be the believed ally, Senerah Hoenthal (now presumed to be her name before she became a Dawn Knight). She has dominion over earth and wood. Completely psychotic, she slaughtered most of the Grey Flame’s crew and tortured the remains. Her current whereabouts after being discovered are unknown.

Other Members of The Dawn:

  • Lady Ashol: A Dawn Priestess in service to Captain Gal’task. She was attempting to turn Gal’task into an Ascended. It has been discovered that she was apparently killed by the remaining orc generals, her heart was used to resurrect Gal’task in the Battle of Falston.
  • Joroth of the Seven Storms: A high priest of the Dawn that was aiding both Hortho and the new resistance. His previous goal was the alluded to be keeping Baron Azar in power to preserve Camnir’s isolationist attitudes, but as the situation changed he was order by his master, Zevris, to have the city destroyed.
  • The Army of 333: An army of 333 converts to the Dawn. The converts may or may not be willing converts. The purpose of this army is not clear, but it seems to have something to do with the Black Dawn ritual.
  • The Winged Woman: A woman veiled in cloth that posses large torn up bat-like wings. While little is known about her, she appears to be removing the primordial hearts of the Dawn Knights after their failures. To what ends? No one knows.
  • The First: Those who bore witness to the White King’s arrival were turned into prototypes of what the Dawn Knights would eventually become. They apparently have very decorative names such as The Darkness of the Heart or The Whisper That Screams.

The Dawn

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