The Crimson Wartide

The Crimson Wartide are an order of master swordsmen who have scattered to the four winds across the continent of Nerath. While only slightly more than a dozen are left, it has been said that a single member of the Wartide is worth 25 men in battle.

Rusty’s father, Rubicante al’Kemit, was the leader of the Wartide for many years. Upon his death in the Liberation of Haivar, he passed the position and his signet ring to his son, Rusty.

Known Members of the Crimson Wartide:

  • Rubicante al’Kemit: Former leader and father of Rusty al’Kemit.
  • James “Rusty” al’Kemit: Current leader and member of the party.
  • Christoff Volk: Aided in the Liberation of Haivar while seeking out Rubicante. After the battle, he was sent by Rusty to rally the remaining members.

The Crimson Wartide

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