Population: Aprox. 30-50

Stormwall is a small village in the Wyrshann Mountains that border the western edge of Anduris. It stands about a day and half’s ride north from the main trade road that winds through the mountains to the sea. Stormwall’s primary forms of trade are that of hunting and the associating skinning/tanning of hides and some farming in the lower regions of the hills. It was supposedly founded by Lady Pannir, a Knight of Oeryn. It is the home of the PCs at the start of the campaign.

After the annual Feast of Pannir to celebrate the founding of the village and the coming spring by feasting on the remains of the winter reserves, the town was attacked by a man in while, Ataqir. While using an ice dragon to subdue the heroes, he wiped out the village in an attempt to capture a mysterious elderly man who had arrived during the feast. When the heroes had reemerged from the battle with the dragon, they had found the entire population frozen and dead (Saving for Matisse’s mother, Camille Veroux, who was missing.)

Upon arriving in Tent Town, the heroes directed a number of the refugees staying there to the now abandoned town. Several took the offer and began their trek up towards the small mountain village to become its new citizens.


  • Elder Evaz Brimtoll (Male Human) – Mayor DECEASED
  • Elder Lenoir Veroux {Male Eladrin} – Matisse’s father DECEASED
  • Elder Miriam Thorncall (Female Halfling) DECEASED
  • Elder Urdan Solemnstone (Male Dwarf) – Village Priest DECEASED
  • Camille Veroux – Matisse’s mother STATUS UNKNOWN
  • Thendryx (Female Dragonborn) – Huntress DECEASED
  • Lethe Brillson (Female Halfling) – Thendryx’s friend DECEASED
  • Thamos and Teemas Bal Coldran (Male & Female Tieflings) – Twins and gamblers/traders DECEASED
  • Golgrin Akadorn (Male Dwarf) – Barkeep in the village tavern DECEASED


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