Sizvar's Memories

The memories of the Dawn Knight called Zavris wash over you…

Not so long ago…
“You thought I would be blind to your attempts to claim what is rightfully mine? Did you think you could summon a primordial right under my nose?” The White King says, his hand clenched tightly around Zavris’ throat. “Ataqir told me what you tried to do in Camnir. Did you honestly think taking the book would do you any good? That you could actually use it AGAINST me? Only I know what secrets that tome holds. Only I can decipher its true words!” The White King squeezes his hand and Zavris lets out a chocked scream of pain. “For this insolence, there is only one punishment. You will kill them.” Zavris’ eyes go wide and he shakes his head slightly, “Oh yes, even her. I am not giving you a choice in this matter.” The White King’s hand glows with an unnatural power and Zavris’ eyes roll back into his head and everything goes white.

Further Back Now…
“I can feel it, Ataqir.” The Dawn Knight of Storms says, “The book is moving east.”
Ataqir, the Dawn Knight of Frost and dressed in the traditional white hooded coat with blue ice designs along the edges, turns to Zavris, “What will you do? His power grows each day now. Have you seen outside the temple? You can barely tell this is the material plane anymore.”
“I know. I have felt his fingers in my mind. VOID’s sorcery will not protect us much longer. I must claim that book before we lose our free will. The Elder Eye will not be released on to this plane. There is a storm cultist at work in Camnir. I will try to persuade him to reclaim the book.” Zavris mutters with a frown.

Older Memories Flow…
Thee Dawn Knights – Baern, Zavris, and Ataqir – stand on the Walls of the Black City.
“Do you think he’ll figure it out? That we let them escape with the book?” Baern of the Flame says.
“The King is not a fool. But these pawns from the Order have provided us a small window to secure the book. We are fortunate that Nahrees is distracted with a mission.” Ataqir says in his usual monotone.
“Then we must move quickly to seize this chance. They are headed west to the mountains. No doubt toward the old Wizard.” Zavris says.
“Maybe that old coot could figure out what the book says?” Baern chips in.
“No.” Ataqir says with a firm tone, “The Planar Exile must not be allowed to translate the tome. There is no telling what instructions it might give him.” Ataqir looks west towards the mountains, “We must obtain that book at all cost.”

Time falls away, the years unravel as memories fade back…
On a quiet night in the Haivarian Downs, the Creature known only as Void stands with an elderly eladrin in tattered robes. Void speaks, his voice echoing through the air, “You know what will happen should the White King be allowed to continue…”
The eladrin speaks in a familiar voice, “Yes. The world shall crack and burn. The Elemental Chaos unleashed, and the Elder Eye conquers another world. Just as it happened in the Feywild.”
“Then will you help? Will you sacrifice your life for this world?”
“If it means a chance to spare my daughter from this fate? Yes. Yes I would. What would you have me do?” The eladrin says in a mournful tone.
“There is a book that the White King keeps close to him. I need it. It is the key to ensuring that we all get what we want.” Void says. The eladrin raises an eyebrow at him and then nods. “You won’t regret this, Sizvar.”
“I already do. But what choice do I have?” Sizvar’s voice is quiet, “Forgive me, Alethia…”

Sizvar's Memories

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