Beyond the Seas

Anduris, Erthain and Arkosh make up the three nations of the central continent of Nerath. However, they are not alone in the world. Beyond the seas lie the continents and kingdoms. This page contains a few that have been mentioned in the campaign.

Xenestria: The western continent of Xenestria is a harsh and rocky land, covered in massive iron rich mountains. Renown for their craftmanship, the people of Xenestria study the way of The Stone – which refers to both the extremely revered building material and a quasi-diety that they worship. They have forged massive weapons and vehicles powered by magical crystals that grow deep beneath the mountains lands. This includes the Grey Flame, the party’s signature mode of transport, which is a Xenestrian war ship.

Xenestria is a land where life is hard, and people are expected to be just as hard. With the large amount of resources to be mined, the slave trade is not only legal but encouraged. With the exception of the port towns and cities, most of Xenestria’s city life is built beneath the surface. The capital of Xenestria is Kolltanor, the City Beneath The Stone, is built deep within the largest mountain in the country.

Sanaakesh: The eastern archipelago of Sanaakesh is the home of the goblin trade houses. Well known for their ability to transport, smuggle, deal or trade just about anything. The goblins of Sanaakesh are governed by any one of the five trade houses, elected ‘democratically’ (in a country of business minded goblins, it is safe to say that votes are routinely bought). Once in power, the all members of the House become like royalty.

The most respected of these houses is House Tamask, who has built a small empire of trading halls across every continent, including ‘The Shrine of Silver’ in the Gold Palaces district of Camnir.

Beyond the Seas

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