Dawn Shatter

Interlude: Catching Up

Remembering Recent Adventures...

A summary of what has recently happened…

Faced with the ever encroaching apocalyptic fate that the cult known simply as The Dawn wishes to bring upon the world, the heroes have set off across the land of Anduris to complete the goals set forth by the ancient and powerful wizard known only as Mortekan. They have been working to gather an army, recruiting both the military of the city of Camnir and the remnants of the Falston militia. They have also begun work to re-open the gateways to the Astral Sea that have blocked the influence of the gods of both the Astral Pantheon and the Black Council, beginning with the Temple of Nature that resided in the hollow center of the massive mountain of Felost Peak. The group now turns their eyes to the conquered city of Haivar, a once proud center of worship to the sun god Pelor, this city has come under control of the Dawn Cult. Our heroes have arrived the morning of the Purification Festival – some unknown celebration of the Dawn’s ideals to remake the world.

Our heroes have not been without their own conflicts as well. Recently, the Vecna worshipping servant Mathias Seerbane was found to have gone insane and allegedly tried to cut out his own tongue after looking at the strange markings inside the Dawn Codex, a book of supposedly powerful rituals once used by the White King himself. He was subdued and tied down, then gave the group an enigmatic revelation “The book is not itself”. While pondering the meaning of this, the group was visited by a distraught Void. Who is slowly losing himself as every ounce of his plan begins to unravel in front of him. He revealed that the this group of descendents of the bloodline of Oreyn Nerath are not his first attempt to subdue the Dawn and the White King. That he has reasons for wanting revenge as much as the being he serves (the mysterious ‘One In Darkness’). While discussing things, the newest addition to the crew – an adventurous and bold woman named Senerah Hoenthal – rushes in to inform the group that Matthias has ignited into flames and perished.

Investigations the next morning turned up that Matthias apparently had flint and tinder that he used to ignite himself on fire without the use of magic. However, suspicion grows as the possibility of evidence being planted during the night while they slept is pointed out. Eyes now turn to Senerah, who was revealed by Void to be the apprentice to an older ally that Void once used to try to subdue the White King, as a possible infiltrator and enemy. Deciding to keep an eye on her, the group decides to drag her along to Haivar. Meanwhile, Void sets out to see if he can track down where Mortekan has wandered off to in hopes of finding answers to the strange Dawn Codex.

On top of all of this, is the ever present concerns about Matisse and Malcolm. Both who have been scarred by their failed bargain with the White King earlier. Matisse remains concerned about the fate of his Mother, who may have become another servant of the White King. Malcolm on the other hand has a more immediate concern. A seed of seething rage has been imbedded into his chest, growing from hate and corrupting his body. His arm has become a grotesque visage of its former self, with exposed flesh and twisted boney spikes growing out of it. The gods have warned them, that Malcolm may not even be human anymore. Just as the Abyss corrupted primordials and elementals into the first demons, Malcolm is becoming a horror never witnessed in the history of the mortal races. The need to find some way to counteract or cure this transformation becomes dire, as Malcolm may soon become just as much of a threat to his friends as he is to their enemies.



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