The Path to the Fallen Dawn

The Path to the Fallen Dawn

A treatise determined from the extraction of the information provided by the Dawn Codex

Authored by Mortekan Celesarium Du Ytherro, Wizard of the Onsingerion Arcane Circle, 9th level

I have prepared this document outlying the steps as I have found through painstaking research the best means I can find to counter the procedures and rituals outlined in the Dawn Codex. While I admit, the task of translating the tome was daunting as it almost seemed like the words and diagrams would alter themselves from time to time, I have made sure this technique is how you would say a ‘broad stroke’ to counter any potential wobble that may occur. I want you three to understand exactly how much effort it took to not only translate that book and concoct this solution, but also summarizing it into small words as so Mr. Trinnian could coherently understand it.

The Forces of the Dawn

It seems from both the extent of which my scrying abilities could penetrate the thick miasma of chaotic energies surrounding the Wasteland and from several of the experiments and rituals detailed in the book, that it would be safe to assume that the Dawn is preparing their own army of Ascended, Primordials, and possibly even ‘recruiting’ individuals of exceptional psionic abilities to build what they appear to refer to as The Army of Three Hundred and Thirty Three. That number appears to be of some significance to the Dawn, and possibly relates to some number of power to the Elder Elemental Eye. Regardless of its implications, this means once you are able to penetrate the Wastelands, you shall likely find an army waiting for you. Best to meet it with one of your own.

While the grand armies of the old empires have all but dissipated over these past 400 years, I would think that the major city-states still cling to a large military force of some kind. Camnir, Haivar and Kranok all should have abundant military forces that should prove useful should you be able to convince the lords of those towns to be willing to part with them for the sake of the greater good. Dor Kal and Falston both seem to have a smaller force, but may be willing to spare their defenses if you can help them settle their “domestic disputes”.

To summarize, you will need to convince and recruit forces from Haivar, Kranok, and Camnir and then gain aid from either Dor Kal or Falston.

The Key to the Gate

The Black Dawn ritual calls for the opening of a large gateway into the Elemental Chaos to release the Elder Elemental Eye from its prison. The only way I know of to close such a gateway is an ancient artifact known as the Key of Iggwilv. A revolutionary magical device first created by the legendary Witch Queen Iggwilv, master demonologist and author of the Demonomicon. After the key was used to seal the tear into the Abyss during the war in Erthain, it was broken into three pieces and passed on to different orders to prevent it from being reassembled by the wrong forces and used to reopen a gate to the Chaos, or worse – the Abyss itself.

The first piece is the Royal Scepter of Oreyn Nerath, formerly the property of royal family of Nerath. It was constructed to channel powerful arcane energies through it. However a wealthy and scrupulous crime lord from Camnir stole the scepter ages ago and it resided in his personal hoard until his dying days. Sadly my information about its current whereabouts is incomplete as it vanished during the revolutions a few years back.

The next piece of the Key is called the Abyssal Gem of Sal’kar. A powerful stone that is attuned to the chaotic energies of the plane below, and is even rumored to have been plucked from the depths of the Abyss by Iggwilv herself. Regardless of its origin, the chaotic energies that it is attuned to will be instrumental in attempting to close the gateway the Dawn are trying to open. The Gem was kept in the Arcane Vault in Skypierce Tower, to keep prying eyes and hands away from it.

The final piece is probably the most important: The Astral Cipher. A complex device used to calculate the equation to open and close planar gateways. It was passed on the Ageless, the elders of the elves of Tyjar Forest. They should still have it amongst their records of Nerath’s history.

Finally, once you have all three pieces, you must reforge the key proper. The only way to do this is the same way Iggwilv did centuries ago – on the Black Anvil that hangs over the Crag of Fire deep within the Underdark. Unfortunately, in those centuries, the Duergar has built the fortress city of Obsidiron around the Black Anvil. You’ll have to infiltrate the city’s inner sanctum to reach it.

Cast off the Miasma

As I have already stated, the Wastelands around the Black City is covered in a miasma of chaotic energy that makes it inhospitable to all life that has not become tainted by the foul energies that the Dawn have been manipulating from the Elemental Chaos. As much as it pains me to say it, the best solution to disposing of this troublesome barrier is to shatter the gates that have blocked the Gods from meddling in this world’s affairs for so many years.

There were once four ancient temples that were hidden across Anduris that served as the tethering point of the Gods’ power from their domains in the Astral Sea. However something long ago desecrated these temples and closed the pathways. Worse yet, the locations of these temples were kept secret. Hidden away for over a millennium. Luckily, I happen to know where the last map to these temples was located – The Ramacor Monastery. Long ago, the Monastery was home to an order of monks that were sworn to defending the secret of the temples location and preserving the gods location. However, maybe it was their hubris or their secrecy, but darkness was able to creep into their home and drag the monastery in to the depths of the earth.

Or at least that is how the story goes. I honestly had simply attributed it to an unfortunate bout of seismic activity. Either way, the entrance of the temple appears to be reachable through some caverns that have opened up in the Rot. I have provided a map to its approximate location. Once you have that map, it’s a simple matter of entering the temples and removing whatever corruption dwells within. It should not be a problem for knights of your caliber.

I wish you luck, gentlemen. My experiments and I would like to thank you for the agreement you have forged with those foolish dwarves. Perhaps we will see you when it comes time to assault the Black City.

The Path to the Fallen Dawn

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