The Old Kingdoms

Before the rise of the empire of Nerath, the central continent was controlled by two warring and powerful nations. The details of their fall and the rise of Nerath and eventually the nations of Arkosh, Erthain and Anduris can be found here.

Bael Turath

A powerful human kingdom, Bael Turath covered most of what is now Anduris and Erthain. They were a proud and plentiful people whose mastery of the arcane arts led them to prosperous years and the ability to cultivate healthy, fertile lands. However, in the late years of the war with Arkoshia, the leaders of Bael Turath made a horrific pact and sacrificed all of their Erthaini citizens to become devil tainted monsters: The Tieflings. While it did turn the tides of the battle, Bael Turath was left crippled beyond repair. Many Turathi ruins still stand in the bogs and marshes that now make up Erthain, and locals will often try to scavenge them for powerful artifacts or pieces of their once proud history.


Arkoshia was the desolate, harsh and brutal empire of the Dragonborn that occupied the large southern end of the central continent. The dry arid desert has given rise some of the strongest fighters in the history of the land. The empire however was concerned with its ability to survive and sought to claim the greener lands of the north for themselves. They amassed a large army and began to conquer their way towards the throne of Bael Turath. However, they were not prepared for the magical onslaught of their forces, nor the lengths of getting the favor of devils or summoning demons to the material plane. They battle was lost and Arkoshia fell. It was not forgotten though. After the Brelani Empire began to rebuild the northern lands, the southern territories decided to retreat into their old ways and recreate Arkoshia as Arkosh.

The Old Kingdoms

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