The Notebook of Sizvar DaMordred

The Text in the Notebook that Alethia found reads:

My dearest daughter, I can only hope that by the time you read this the entire matter concerning the Rot has been settled. If not, then I am sorry. I tried for the longest time to hide the truth of our bloodline from you. I wanted you to have a normal life but as the the darkness in the heart of this land continues to grow, it seems that my life as a Knight of Oeryn has come back to haunt me. Know that I did not mean to abandon you with your Uncle, I only sought to keep you safe until my return, which I know is a long shot, but it is good to have hope. If anything I can cling to the glimmer that I will be able to end this once and for all, and stop the curse of our blood to pass on to you. A knight might seem glamorous, but when it means facing death and leaving your loved ones behind it can be the worse fate in all existence.

If you have found this textbook, I can only hope that the information I have collected here will assist in this horrific fate I have thrust upon you. It’s not much but it is all I was able to gather in the going ons about Haivar and my few grueling expeditions into the Wastes as I could get. I have left it here in hopes that someday you may find this place. It is the greatest collection of knowledge in Anduris and knowing your Uncle, he will only add fuel to the fires of your curiousity.

In the end, all I ask is your forgiveness.
Your Father, Siz’var Damodred.

The rest of the notebook is filled with scribbled notes, included sketches of Inverted Triangles marked with the Sun symbol of the Dawn, and a drawing of what appears to be a river of lightning leading into a black shape marked “The entrance to the Black City sewers?Dangerous but undetectable.”

There are several unanswered questions also written in the book such as “Why do the need 333 people? Why must they convert?” “What is the Black Dawn?” “What is the Chain? Why are they trying to breaking it?”

The final used page is filled with notes:

  • I have found a red crystal. There seems to be a liquid in it. It stinks like the Abyss. Like Erthain and the damn elementals that roam the Rot and the Wastes beyond it. However, the White King contacted me through it. He knows that I am seeking him out. He warned me that others have tried and failed and that if I go back now I may be able to see my daughter with my own eyes at least one more time. How does he know of me and my family? Does he sense it in my blood? Can he read it? I hate not knowing. But I know something about him. I know he is the Emperor. Or was the Emperor. He is something else now. Something that fills me with fear. I hate not knowing.
  • The White King came to me in my dreams again. He showed me things. The freedom of destruction and the slavery of order. He wants to unmake the world. He wants to free us all. And to kill us all. By the pantheon’s sweet graces, he wants to unmake it all. Not just our world. All worlds. He wants to break the chains of order and release something. Is it the Black Dawn? What the mad worshippers call “Shothragot”? Or is it something else. Regardless, I must find a way to stop it. The chain must not break. The door must not be opened.
  • I have been to the Black City, I have seen it’s walls and walked it’s halls in my dreams. The White King he is in my mind. He has told me what is the come. The Eye has opened on this world and soon it will all perish. But the White King does not control me yet. His servants are not his own. He is blinded. Ataqir has told me as much. The Eye sees but the White King does not. We can only hope that he remains ignorant. I have chosen to join them. To stop them from within. I am not alone. Our blood blesses us with the power the White King seeks. Our blood blesses us with freedom as well. Some freedom. We cannot disobey, but we can interpret as we see fit. This will be his downfall. Forgive me, Alethia. Forgive the monster I will become to save you. Save us all.

The Notebook of Sizvar DaMordred

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