The Northern Crest

The cold and barren region of the Northern Crest is a dry and harsh landscape covered in craggy rocks among the chilly tundras. It is said that only the strong survive in the crest, and the residents live up to the reputation. As the Rot has consumed the areas to the south, the only remaining roads into this area are the Northern Trade Road from Falston and the Long Road, a barren dirt path that leads into The Estvale that is plagued with wild beasts and no shelter. The people of the Estvale often joke that traversing the Long Road is a punishment, not a journey.

Kranok: Home to the Kran, a barbarian tribe that rules most of the Northern Crest. The Kran are known for the powerful fighting abilities and being able to survive the harshest of climates. Among the tribe are several races rarely found in Anduris such as minotaurs or goliath. The tribe is ruled by Chief Bathtel, who has the reputation of being undefeated in combat.

Winterscorn Lakes: A group of large frozen lakes in the northwest of the Crest. Little is known about what dwells beneath the surface, as no one alive can recall a time when the surface of the lakes weren’t frozen solid. However, the map found in the Ramacor Monastery suggests that this is the location of the Temple of Learning.

Stonespire Hills: The rocky hills north of Kranok are home to what the Kran have taken to calling Ogmars – the savages – creatures such as giants and ettin have taken up residence in these hills and have become a nuisance to the Kran who seek to hunt there.

Rothane: The sacred city of the Kran. Built into a mountain it is said that it was once a dwarven fortress in the early days of the Nentir Empire. It is here that the Kran bury their dead. However, the Ogmars of the hills have seized Rothane as their own, desecrating the land in worship of their own god, the one they call Ogremoch.

Ramacor Monastery: An ancient monastery that was driven beneath the surface of the earth long ago. It has been discovered that the monastery was buried as an attempt to seal away a map to The Four Temples. Matthias Seerbane is the last of the monks that dwelt in the monastery, kept alive in a chamber of healing where he was beaten but it kept him alive in a pseudo-immortal state.

The Northern Crest

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