The Haivarian Downs

The once rich and plentiful plains of the Haivarian Downs have suffered much. From the dark taint of Erthain creeping up from the south, to the ongoing disputes with the elves of Tyjar, there has been very little reason for the devout to praise their patron god – Pelor – in the region once known as the Land of Shine.

Haivar: The Shining City, the Golden Light of the Downs – Haivar has gone by many names. A city founded by the Church of Pelor dating back before the fall of Erthain, it has endured many hardships over the centuries. Haivar is renown for its scenery, with its gilded roofed pagodas, immense statues, and lavish temples dedicated to Pelor. However, rumors persist that as the gods fell silent at the collapse of the empire, the allegiances of the people of Haivar have shifted. A new sun has replaced the symbol of Pelor at the temples. The city has become firmly in the grasp of The Dawn. It is their primary spiritual center and location of their recruitment movement, much of the city has converted the The Dawn, and those who do not are rarely heard from again.

Tyjar Forest: The immense forest in the western region of the Haivarian Downs. It is named for and inhabited by the Tyjar tribe of elves that live deep in the woods. The Tyjar tribe have lived here since before the formation of the Nerathi Empire. Because of this, their near immortal Lore Keepers have incredible knowledge in their tomes of the history of the central continent, but it is safely guarded by the rest of the tribe who have becoming increasingly hostile to outsider in the last 50 or so years. Notable locations include the ancestral elven clan ground of Shroudtree, the werewolf tribal home in the former human fort of Shardwood Keep, and the An’ealur, the Breach in the Wood – home of the last gateway to the Feywild.

Shardwood Keep: Despite the requests of the Tyjar elves to keep their woods pure and sacred, a number of woodsman and hunters decided to build a small keep in the center of the forest. This has created a great number of hostilities between the people of Shardwood and the elves, with the elves often attacking while they were out tending to their business in the woods. However, stories told in Forest’s End about how somehow the tables have turned and the elves have begun to flee from the people of the keep are starting to pop up…

Demonfall Fens: After the Erthain Pact was sealed and the war between Bael Turath and Arkoshia ended, Erthain fell prey to the dark magic used in the conflict. The once fertile farming lands became a dark and nightmarish bog. As years went by, this marsh began to crawl out northward forming the Demonfall Fens, a dark and miserable swamp across the eastern side of the Haivarian Downs. It has become home to small enclave of exiled dark magic users and homegrown movements of tieflings trying to reclaim their native homeland. It is also rumored to be the location of the ancient Temple of Destiny.

New Camnir: As life in the city of Camnir grew more and more desperate, those seeking freedom and opportunity decided to build a new town of their own. Dubbed New Camnir, they built it on the edge of the Demonfall Fens. It was led by Venos Tornsoul, sister of resistance leader Melissa Tornsoul. However, since Melissa was stealing Camnir supplies and sending them to her sister in New Camnir, the Baron of Camnir had the town razed and the citizens killed for theft. New Camnir currently is a burnt out town of ruins.

The Haivarian Downs

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