The Four Temples

The Four Lost Temples are rumored to be the anchor points of how the Gods are tethered into the Natural World. Without this connection, the Gods’ power cannot enter the world.

Over the last hundred years or so, the gods of both the Astral Pantheon and the Black Council have been waning possibly signifying disruption of the four temples. Mortekan has theorized possible Dawn involvement in this.

The heroes have taken it up as part of their quest to end the disruption at the four temples and the unleash the full power of the gods in order to combat the miasma of The Wastelands. They found a map to the four temples in The Ramacor Monastery which pointed them to the following locations:

The Temple of Nature: Felost Peak
The Temple of Learning: Winterscorn Lakes
The Temple of Destiny: Demonfall Fens
The Temple of Order: Magthanos Mountains

The Four Temples

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