The Estvale

The Estvale is eastern side of Anduris. It is known for its lush forests, clean brooks, and widespread plains. While farming is a staple living in the rural areas, the Estvale is also home to the manufacturing capital of Camnir and the Eladrin town of Calashore which is renown for its wines and fishing.

Notable Locations in the Estvale:

Camnir: Sometimes called the Metal City, Camnir is built entirely of metal from the Magthanos Mountains to the north. A strong a powerful city that since the onset of the Rot, had become extremely overcrowded leading to stricter and stricter government policies. This led to several failed attempts at revolution. However, thanks to the aid of the heroes, the Baron of Camnir was overthrown and the city is now free and under the watch of Melissa Tornsoul.

Skypierce Tower: Across the Towerwatch Bay from Camnir. It was once a massive library and depository of ancient and powerful magical relics. The tower however was recently destroyed in a confrontation between the heroes and the Dawn Knight, Baern. It is unknown how many of the powerful relics kept in the tower were destroyed.

Towerwatch Bay: The large bay gets its name from the between the tower like city of Camnir and Skypierce Tower that sit on each side of it. The bay is lined with mines and other defenses put in place by Camnir to defend against potential threats.

Trader’s Rest: A large inn sitting at the crossroads of The King’s Road (East-West) and the Long Road (North) and the Trade Road (South). It is a popular locale for traveler’s of all sorts, and has somewhat of a reputation for a place to find adventurers, hirelings and mercenaries for whatever you need. Run by a kindly old halfling named Ed Bool, he loves to listen to people’s stories from the bigger world.

Blackbark Forest: The large forest on the eastern shore gets its name from the trees that grow in the forest with a dark, nearly black, bark. This forest has been known to be home to various wildlife such as wolves and large spiders, also rumors of some kobold tribes dwelling in trees. This forest is also where Malcolm hid his treasure after the failed revolution he was part of. Upon returning for it, the heroes found it guarded by a black dragon and much of the treasure now gone.

Calashore: A small eladrin town along the shore of Calasin Lake. While the town was originally a human settlement, many eladrin refugees came here after the Rot began to expand. Since then the town has a distinct share of both human and eladrin construction. Known throughout the Estvale for its vineyards surrounding the lake, and the magnificent fish they catch, it’s a quiet little piece of nowhere… unless you actually buy into the Death Cult rumors that is.

Mt. Magrog: The volcano at the center of the Magthanos Mountains. Mt. Magrog was once home of the Magthani Dwarves, until Fire Giants from the volcanic depths emerged and destroyed their civilization. It is said that some of the tunnels in the depths of the Volcano lead into the Underdark, where some Magthani fled to join their Duergar cousins.

Magthanos Mountains: the metal rich mountains in the north-east corner of the Estvale. Home to several volcanos, included the massive Mt. Magrog. These mountains now reside under the control of Fire Giants. However, somewhere in the mountains is rumored to be The Temple of Order.

The Estvale

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