The Crew of the Gray Flame

The Gray Flame being a large Xenestrian warship has a lot of room and requires a good deal of work to keep it functional. On top of maintainence the ship also boasts many facilities: A forge and blacksmithing tools, a fully stocked kitchen, a bar, a ritual room, etc. Because of these openings, the Heroes will occasionally decide to try to recruit people they meet on their adventure to join them as crew. Some of the ones they’ve recruited thus far include:

Haffston Smeltvor: A dwarven archaeologist and amateur bartender that traveled the land looking for rare ancient treasures. He has ash colored skin and black beard, with pale yellow colored eyes, uncommon amongst dwarves, due to his lineage of being one of the Magthani Dwarves from the northeastern volcanic Magthanos Mountains. He asked the heroes to help him retrieve an item that his interns had failed to retrieve, unaware that one of his interns: Alethia, was still alive. In shame and indebted to paying Alethia’s wage, he signed on the Gray Flame as a bartender. Mortekan has made mention that Haffston is or was a con man.

Qiton the Gearshaper: A quiet and massive goliath who has a way with magical machinery. Qiton has a distinct tanned and red-ish hue to his skin that is not usually found in most Nerathi goliath, this comes from his upbringing in the iron rich mountains of Xenestria. It was there he learned the ancient craft of sewing magic through metal & stone to create wondrous machinations. The heroes found him by way of Haffston, who mentioned he might be able to help with the ship. He was living in the slums of Camnir, running a small toy shop. The heroes approached him and offered him a chance to work on a Xenestrian Warship. He was ecstatic (or as ecstatic as Qiton can get) and has signed on as the ship’s engineer and pilot. Mortekan has noted that Qiton is a murderer, possibly having something to do with his exile from Xenestria.

Matthias Seerbane: A heavily scarred human who was found in The Ramacor Monastery. He is a Vecna worshiper that enjoys snooping and keeping secrets. He sneaked into the monastery’s locked chambers to peek at the map that to the temples of the gods that was kept there, and accidentally triggered the curse placed on the map. The Monastery was driven deep underground, essentially burying everyone inside alive. As punishment Matthias was placed in an enchanted room that would heal all wounds and was mercilessly beaten until the rest of his fellow monks died of old age. But because of the healing nature of his prison, he was frozen in time, forced to sit in that room until the heroes freed him. He now serves as the ship’s janitor and cook, offering his brand of dry wit to the crew and heroes and always keeping an open ear. Matthias was killed and burnt to death en route to Haivar, it was later discovered that the spy Senerah had done it to hide something, possibly her true identity.

Senerah Hoenthal: A curious and adventurous woman who looks in to be in her mid to late twenties. She was found alongside Captain Ophelia Ferro in the Rot infested districts of Falston. Eager to prove herself to both the group and as an adventurer she has volunteered to join the heroes on missions and in combat. She seems to be extremely curious about their journeys and loves to listen to the crew and party’s stories. It has since been discovered that Senerah was actually the Dawn Knight, Nahrees. She fled after killing most of the crew and torturing those named here.

Lenny the Blacksmith: While her real name is Lenora, most have taken to simply calling her Lenny. She doesn’t seem to care either way. She joined the crew in Falston after the party had discovered her husband had been killed as part of a sacrifice to resurrect Gal’task. She is an experienced blacksmith and trained in the creation of magical items. She loves to experiment with exotic and rare materials to forge new weapons and armor. Mortekan has mentioned that Lenny either is or was a skilled assassin.

The Crew of the Gray Flame

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