• Camille Veroux: Matisse’s mother. She is also of the Knights of Oeryn bloodline, which Matisse inherited from her. She was apparently captured by the Dawn Knights and was being held prisoner. Due to Matisse’s bargain being unfulfilled, she is presumed to be dead… or worse.
  • Coslow Venifiri: Leader of the Eyes of Ioun, a group of Dwarf Paladins who guard Magekeep Tower.
  • Lady Pannir: A former Knight of Oeryn that died long ago. Her spirit still resides in Stormwall, where she shields the town from darkness.
  • Melcol: A half-orc that lived in Solshann. The heroes befriended him in order to get him to pose as their slave owner to get in a arena match. After which, they gave him part of the winnings and sent him on his way. He was later killed as a traitor to the orc forces.
  • Mortekan: An insane wizard that inhabited Magekeep Tower and tampered with the powers of the Far Realm in order to gain immortality. The experiments have left him transformed into a monster, but un-aging. Being the only known person who can speak the Black Tongue of Abyssal, the heroes sought him out to translate the Dawn Codex. He escaped from his prison through the Far Realm, crafting a new body from the dwarves, flora and fauna around his tower. He has been called ‘The Planar Exile’, and has revealed that he is not original from this world but another one in “the multiverse”, where he and his allies accidentally unleashed the Elder Elemental Eye in the village of Hommlett in his home kindgom of Greyhawk. Since then he has gone by dozens of names, across many worlds attempting to stop the tide of destruction he accidentally let loose.
  • Void: The strange creature known as Void has become an appearing and disappearing source of information and assistance to the heroes since their initial encounter with Mortekan. While he will not say what being he serves other than its name has been erased from history. His name is an acronym for The ‘Voice of The One in Darkness’. It’s been discovered that Void was once Emperor Alric Brelan, the last emperor of Anduris. In an attempt to save his lands from starvation, he sought to make a pact with a devil, instead he opened the gateway to the Elder Elemental Eye and lost his body to it. His soul however was attached to a nearby corpse and turned into one of The First. However, with the aid of The One in Darkness, he broke free and sought revenge and reclaiming his body since.
  • Lord Warden Matthis Ferro: Leader of Falston and the surrounding lands. He has become a rallying point for the few remaining survivors of Falston. A caring father, he sent the party out into the rot infested areas of the city to find his daughter, Ophelia.
  • Captain Ophelia Ferro: Captain of Falston’s militia. She was caught and almost sacrificed in the rot infested areas of Falston when the party rescued her. She mounted the distraction campaign in effort to buy the group a chance to infiltrate the Temple of the Sun.
  • The Crimson Wartide: An order of swordsmen, formerly led by Rusty’s father and now led by Rusty himself.
  • Kolak Ersog: Leader of the werewolf clan in Tyjar Forest. He wanted to free his people from what he believed to be a curse put on them by the elves. He was killed by his second, Rustfang.
  • Deodaryx: The devil that dwells within the Devilblade. It now shares a body with Malcolm.


  • Millen Silvereye: A Tiefling drug dealer in Solshann. His whereabouts since the orc invasion are unknown.
  • Melissa Tornsoul: Female Tiefling. Leader of the New Camnir Resistance and the current Baron of Camnir. She fought for a free Camnir against the former baron, Azar Tej’kor, and enlisted the heroes to help. She also wanted to kill Azar out of revenge for the destruction of New Camnir and the death of her sister, Venos Tornsoul.
  • Yggnrl: A crystaline arcane construct from Skypierce Tower. Named for an ancient Fey Spirit of Knowledge. Yggnrl was the overseer and curator of the tower’s library and guardian of its vaults. However, Yggnrl was struck dead by Baern in an attempt to activate the purge failsafe in the tower and kill our heroes.
  • Latharien: Huntmaster of the Tyjar Elves. He was originally very stand offish with the party due to their inclusion of two eladrin members. After filling the forest with fey energy from the fey wild, he gifted the group with a flute and sent them from the woods.
  • Imithari the Wise, Celathos the Kind, and Pothalos the Ancient: The three elders of the Tyjar Elves. They explained to the heroes the origins of the elves, the fate of the Feywild, and the current battle within Tyjar. They are assumed still residing within Shroudtree in the forest.


  • Captain Gal’task: Former leader of the Orc Armies that conquered Solshann. He was in process of being turned into an Ascended by the Dawn priestess Lady Ashol. He was killed during our heroes escape from Solshann leaving his armies disorganized but rabid for revenge. His six generals now command the forces of the Orc armies and have begun the invade The Wyrshann Region. One of his subordinates, Ugnar the Black, attempted to resurrect him in Falston. Reborn as a pure elemental, he was quickly returned to the grave by the heroes.
  • Ugnar the Black: One of the generals that led the Orcish Horde after the death of Gal’task. He was an experienced necromancer who used a number of components – including the heart of Lady Ashol – to resurrect Gal’task from the Elemental Chaos. During the battle, Malcolm knocked Ugnar into the portal he had opened and he fell into the Elemental Chaos. He is presumed dead.
  • Lord Captain Hortho Quentus: Male Human. Was the right hand man to Baron Azar Tej’kor of Camnir. He rose through the ranks to Lord Captain quickly as a favored hero of the people of Camnir when he helped stop Malcolm’s revolution a few years back. He was working with The Dawn to help stop other insurgents in order to accumulate more power. The heroes forced him to turn all his loyalties to him over to the new resistance in exchange for his life. His current whereabouts are unknown.
  • Baron Azar Tej’kor: Male Tiefling. Former ruler of Camnir. He had a strict rule over the city in order to maintain what in his view was an acceptable standard of living. He believed that ‘freedom’ was a quick path to self destruction and abhorred the idea. During the Battle for Camnir, he was struck dead by Melissa Tornsoul.
  • Lord Thaarlas Diromar: The Lord of Haivar during the Dawn occupation. He was an Eladrin with a distorted and twisted visage who delighted in experimenting on townsfolk. It is possible he worked closely with the Dawn Knight, Ataqir. He was killed by the White King, using Malcolm’s body as a puppet. He also had a bodyguard, Xyn, an eladrin woman whose deformed body was bound inside a suit of armor. She killed herself after failing to protect Diromar.
  • The Prophet Ahn’ju: Formerly a scavenging tielfing adventurer known as Ahn’ju Neromi. He discovered a crimson crystal in the ruins of Skypierce Tower after during the time that the heroes were bed ridden following the Tower’s destruction. The crystal turned his body into a horrific form of a crystal like monster, but his discovery made him revered by the Dawn worshippers, who saw the ailment as a sign of the transformation of the new Dawn. He was killed during the liberation of Haivar.
  • Jonathan “Rustfang” Kallis: One of the Rot cursed werewolves of Tyjar Forest. He assumed leadership of the clan after killing Kolak, and attempted to kill the party after they decided to help the Elves of Tyjar instead of the werewolves. He was killed by the party.


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