House Rules

This page is our collection of house rules for the game. It will be added to or subtracted from as necessary based on how the game goes and what we as a group think we might need to address.

House Rule #1: All Encounter Powers are considered Reliable (Are not expended on a miss).

House Rule #2: Extended Rests can only give benefit when taken in a safe area like a friendly city, town or the Gray Flame.

House Rule #3: Action Points are acquired after each successful encounter. 1 Action Point can be spent to add 1d6 to any attack or skill check d20 roll, this can be done as many times as you want but only once per roll. 2 Action Points can be spent to gain an extra standard action, as normal, and this can only be done once per encounter.

House Rule #4: When a PC goes to or below 0 HP, they have a chance to gain an injury. This injury can possibly be treated by a Heal Check, however if the heal check fails the injury becomes complicated and its effect is doubled. Injuries can be treated in any safe area like a friendly city or town (since the Gray Flame does not have medical personnel, it cannot be used to treat injuries), a complicated injury can ONLY be cured in a friendly town or city.

House Rules

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