Astral Pantheon

The Astral Pantheon is the name of the organization of the Good and Neutral Gods that dwell in the Astral Sea.

The Astral Pantheon consists of:

The Gods of Destiny
- Avandra, Goddess of Change, Trade and Travel.
- The Raven Queen, Goddess of Death, Fate and the Winter.
- Sehanine, Goddess of Autumn, Love and Trickery

The Gods of Order
- Bahamut, God of Justice and Honor.
- Erathis, Goddess of of Civilization and Law.
- Moradin, God of Creation and Family

The Gods of Learning
- Corellon, God of Spring, the Arts and the Arcane.
- Ioun, Goddess of Knowledge and Prophecy

The Gods of Nature
- Kord, God of Storms and Battle
- Melora, Goddess of the Wilderness and the Sea.
- Pelor, God of Summer, Sun, Agriculture and Time

Astral Pantheon

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