The Wand of Wonder

The powerful wand of Sizvar Damordred, given to his daughter upon his death


Level 7 Rare Wand
Critical: 2d6 extra damage. For each of these dice that rolls a 6, teleport the target 1 square. For each of these dice that rolls a 1, teleport yourself 1 square.
Property: When you use a daily attack power with this wand, roll a d6 to determine an additional effect which lasts until the end of your next turn.

  1. You gain a fly speed of 5.
  2. Butterflies create a zone of partial concealment in your square.
  3. You become invisible.
  4. 2d20 fake, brightly colored gems appear in the space of the next target hit by the wand, temporarily creating difficult territory.
  5. Leaves grow from each target hit by the attack, causing them to be slowed.
  6. You and each target hit by the attack are dazed.

This wand was originally owned by Alethia’s father, Sizvar Damorded. It was given to her to impart his memories on his death.

The wand is metal rod in a hexagon shape that comes to a point at one end. Along each of the edges are incsribed a number of arcane runes that glow brightly in a rainbow of colors when the wand is used.

The wand itself dates back to before the destruction of the Feywild, and was originally crafted by the Lord Magister of the Spiral Tower. Since then it was handed down from wizard to wizard until it left the Feywild with Sizvar. While Sizvar used the wand sparingly, preferring his own Wand of Fire, he kept it on his person at all times. When he became a dawn knight, it was the only possession he kept.

The Wand of Wonder

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