The Soul of a Devil bound to a gauntlet is both a blessing and a curse...


Level 7 Rare Magic Item

Special: The Devil Blade is considered a Rod for purposes of implement attacks and feats.

Critical: +2d8 damage.

Utility Power – At Will (Minor Action)
Effect: Choose one bloodied creature you have hit with an attack this turn. You learn that creature’s hit point total.

Utility Power – At-Will (Free Action, 1/Turn)
Trigger: You kill a living creature.
Effect: One of the Devil Blade’s seven gems captures the creature’s soul. A gem can hold no more than 1 soul at a time and glows with a green radiance while it contains a soul. A dead creature cannot be returned to life while its soul is captured in this manner.

Utility Power (Healing) – Encounter (Minor Action)
Requirement: At least 3 of the 7 gems must contain a soul.
Effect: You regain hit points equal to 5+half your level and two gems release their souls.

Utility Power – Daily (Minor Action)
Requirement: All seven gems must contain souls.
Effect: On your next damage roll, maximize the results of up to four of the dice you roll. All seven gems release their souls.


In the ages before man, the devils and demons waged constant war. Hundreds of tales have hypothesized as to why the feud started but all end the same. The demons driven back into their pit and sealed away in the layers of the Abyss, and the devils locked away with their king in the Nine Hells. But not all devils were imprisoned. Some fled rather than being locked away. In order to carry out their dreams of battle they destroyed their bodies and turned them into steel. Thus the Devilblades were forged. Some were simple weapons, like axes or bows, others took on exotic appeal like Deodaryx, The Blade of Blood.

Deodaryx, named for the devil whose soul resided in the blade, became a gauntlet with the power to summon a blade of immense power – the Blade of Annihilation. However in order to wield the weapon a person would have to put on the gauntlet, giving Deodaryx a chance to overpower them and seize control of them as a new host. Other times, when their willpower was strong, Deodaryx would simply attempt to make a deal with them in order to gain more freedom or power.

Now the blade has become bound to the one called Malcolm Trinnian and the pact has been sealed. A new body for Malcolm, a new source of power for Deodaryx, and only destiny knows what they will do together now.


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