Wryin Shanraa

A Half-Orc Fighter with a troubled past...


Good at fighting and stealth. Low charisma. Tends to fight early and often, dual-weapon style, and is good in the middle of melee. Probably should avoid socially delicate situations.


Wryin was born from a non-consensual union between an Orc raider and a highborn Human. She was raised by her mother until about the age of 9, when her mother could no longer hide her Orcish traits. She was then given to an Orc trading party as an orphan child and was raised by different Orc families till teenager-hood. She learned fighting skills to survive and understood quickly that loyalty to whomever you were traveling with was good but leaving before they could kick her out was also good. She both hates and loves her Orcish heritage, but will fight any Orc she sees.

Wryin Shanraa

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