Matisse Veroux

An Eladrin Cleric of Corellon. Recently ousted by his family and the temple, he seeks to aid those he believes are beneath him.


The isolated mounted village of Stormwall is the only place Matisse Veroux has ever seen with his own eyes. Yet, Matisse has spent his whole life learning about the world outside the town: Religion, culture, geography, history and even cuisines of many distant places he has yet to experience first hand. His parents encouraged this isolated study his whole young life, saying that they wanted the young Eladrin to “be truly ready to face the world, you must first know it like you know your own being.”

So, Matisse studied diligently underneath the cleric of Correllon and with his parents almost strict insistence. Matisse has certainly experienced much wunderlust in his 50 years of isolation in the mountains, and has wondered if his parents insistence on study was somehow an attempt at protection; an attempt to try to shield Matisse from a dangerous world through a veil of constant learning. His mother in particular always stressed the need for study in “preparation” for the world outside of Stormwall. And while Matisse tried to press his mother about those dangers, she barely hinted at what they might be, instead ensuring that Matisse was special and destined for great things that only an almost ascetic drive towards study and worship of Correllon would ever provide.

Towards his 50th birthday, his family suddenly grew distant. His mother, in particular, became even more reclusive, spending days in the tunnels underneath Stormwall. There was also a feeling growing deep within Matisse, a sense of something even more than wanderlust, a sense that he would soon be leaving Stormwall and facing a world he has only read about; a sense that he would be accomplishing something greater than himself. But even though Matisse knew this feeling inside him was something called destiny, it also paralyzed him with fear. Would he be up for the challenge? For a life outside of Stormwall? He would soon find that such a life would not be of his choosing, but would rather be thrust upon him.

Matisse Veroux

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