James "Rusty" al'Kemit

A Human Swordmage with noble intentions, a foretold destiny, and no social skills.


Rusty was always told that he would grow up to be someone important. His father (Rubicante al’Kemit) claimed lineage as a member of a scattered and poorly remembered clan of swordsmen: The Crimson Wartide. His mother (Scarlett al’Kemit, nee Thaum) was a brilliant enchantress of magical weapons who came from a renowned line of blacksmiths, said to once have armed even the great Knights of Oeryn. When his mother was pregnant, a wise seer told her that the unborn child she carried would become a person of epic importance. And why shouldn’t he? As the intersection of these two amazing family trees, surely Rusty would become someone of legend!

Naturally, the weight of his supposed destiny served as the source of endless torture for young Rusty. The pressure of high expectations led to quiet panic attacks on more than one occasion. Still, not wanting to disappoint, Rusty went along with his father’s training in swordplay and his mother’s lessons in the arcane arts. Fortunately, his natural curiosity and quick understanding of most things provided a much-needed distraction from all this fate nonsense.

The al’Kemit family lived as nomads. Rusty spent his youth traveling all across Anduris, and even into Arkosh for a stretch of time. His parents lived the life of wandering merchants, never settling anywhere for long. “Never see a season in one town twice,” his father would always say. That’s why it wasn’t much of a shock when, a week after his 18th birthday, Rusty took off on his own with his family sword, Ashweaver, and his Camel-Beetle hide armor. He traveled for a while with a group of swords-for-hire, but he stood out like a sore thumb in their boorish ranks. He tried settling down, getting an apprenticeship with a blacksmith, but was fired when all of the arms he forged kept coming out with an annoying, dim blue glow.

For the last year or so, Rusty has been living primarily in Stormwall. He gets by as a courier (mostly for shipments skins, hides, and other trade goods, but occasionally for more important packages to noble houses). Finally free of the burden of his inborn fate, Rusty plans to live out his days quietly in the margins of society, hiding from notoriety as long as he can help it.

James "Rusty" al'Kemit

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