Alethia Damordred

An Eladrin mage scholar seeking answers and questions from a world forgotten in time.


I was born in an Eladrin city slightly northeast of Tylar Forest about 70 years ago. My mother, Aviendha, died bringing me into this world. This left my father, an Eladrin well over 350 to raise me on his own. As a child, I had great responsibilities around the house since there were only the two of us. I developed culinary skills and a love of food. His health had just begun to decline as I came of an age for my apprenticeship. Wishing the best for me, he sacrificed everything he had to send me to study with a reputable wizard (who turned out to be a distant uncle to my mother.) We left the town I grew up in and moved to a very isolated village to ensure I focus on my studies. I was there for about 40 years taking in all its library had to offer. One day, my uncle went out of the little town to gather some herbs and never returned. I remained there waiting for 6 months and with no message recieved nor any family to keep me there, I left to return to my childhood village. I went to where I had remembered our home had been, but there as nothing but miles and miles of rot. I never even got to say goodbye to my father. Searching the closest villages nearby gave me no sign of him or anyone else from my former village. I abandoned my search in hopes of gaining more knowledge of the arcane arts so one day I could protect those close to me, if there ever would be anyone close to me again… I decided to go far to the north to get away from those memories so painful to me. My adventures led me to an antiques hunter who sponsored archaeological digs for the treasures inside. I completed several missions as an apprentice before I was sentenced out to the wastelands to search for the Ramacor Monastery. And the rest, they say, is history.
My ultimate goal is the search for knowledge and I would do anything to ensure the arcane arts of the lost societies of our ancestors live on through me.

- Alethia

Alethia Damordred

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