• Alethia Damordred

    Alethia Damordred

    An Eladrin mage scholar seeking answers and questions from a world forgotten in time.
  • James "Rusty" al'Kemit

    James "Rusty" al'Kemit

    A Human Swordmage with noble intentions, a foretold destiny, and no social skills.
  • Malcolm Trinnian

    Malcolm Trinnian

    A Human Thief with an opinionated past. Some loved him, some hated him, all agreed he stinks at cards.
  • Matisse Veroux

    Matisse Veroux

    An Eladrin Cleric of Corellon. Recently ousted by his family and the temple, he seeks to aid those he believes are beneath him.
  • Wryin Shanraa

    Wryin Shanraa

    A Half-Orc Fighter with a troubled past...