Dawn Shatter

Chapter 16: The Black City

Part 2: The White King

The battle against the White King was brutal as anyone could have expected. Blasting out beams from each of the eye stalk tentacles growing from his back, the King controlled most of the fight. The heroes however got a number of great strikes in and eventually caused his luminescent white robes to shatter like glass revealing another form below.

This form was a hideous shadowy beastial form with four arms. Slinging dark spells, and daggers formed from chaotic energies, the creature known as the White King continued his assault. Still, the heroes proved resilient and though the battle drained them they finally dropped the White King to the ground.

As the body of the King lay on the cold stone, the heroes felt a sense of satisfaction. One that quickly turned to panic as the very earth began to shake. The black shadowy form of the White King began to peel away in strands and tentacles up into the sky where it formed into a writhing orb of darkness, covered in nightmarish eyes bearing the spiral symbol of the Dawn and the Elder Elemental Eye. The ground broke apart and launched into the air, the heroes desperately held on and found themselves orbiting the massive monster that called itself SOTH-RAGOT, the Elder Elemental Eye.

The final stretch tested every measure of the heroes’ endurance, as the massive orb grabbed them and burnt their flesh with acidic oozings, torturing them within inches of death. However Ashweaver the Chaosbane, the sword James ‘Rusty’ Al-Kemit was born to wield, piercing the creatures form and brought about it’s ultimate destruction. The heroes descended and finally sealed the gateway using the Key.

With the immediate threat dealt with, the heroes noticed that the ‘chain’ of the world was nearly completely snapped. Wondering if there was any way to fix it, a voice rang out telling them there was. Mortekan (aka Mordenkainen) had arrived, along with the Crimson Wartide. He explained that the Wartide was created in order to protect Rusty and ensure he made it to this day. Rusty demanded to know what made him so special. Mortekan explained that Rusty was the ultimate product of elaborate project to breed a ‘sacrifice’ whose soul would bind this final chain together in order to stop it from ever breaking and freeing what lies in the depths of the Abyss. All Rusty had to do was die in order to eternally protect all of reality.

However, Void – now returned to his true body that was stolen by the White King – reappeared stating that he believed that the heroes were strong enough that a sacrifice was not necessary. That they could venture out into the Planes and crush the forces of the Abyss wherever they appeared, take the fight to them, and end this once and for all. Mortekan argued that a sure thing was better than taking the risk, but the heroes agreed with Void.

Mortekan, furious to have his plans betray him in the final hour, cursed the heroes. Blaming them for the inevitable destruction of reality. Void tore a hole in space and time and invited them inside. When asked about the fate of their friends, Void did not answer. They all went inside the portal, but Rusty had one request: That they be forgotten. That this tale never become the legend. That the world just forgets what happened this day and that the Gods Squad are never seen by history as heroes. Namely because he wanted to piss off his Dad’s spirit. Void acknowledge the request and the party ventured out to their next great adventure…

Years later, as the neighboring kingdoms of Stormwall and Camnir bicker over the remaining resources of the land now that the threat of Haivar had been stilled, a dwarf paladin gathered in a tavern with a tiefling woman and an one eyed orc seer. Every year they met here to see if anyone had seen the one’s they once called friends. Those unsung heroes that once commanded an airship over the skies of Anduris in an attempt to prevent the end of the world. They all sadly say no. There has been no sight of the Gods Squad since the Battle of the Black City. Lenny makes a passing mention to Hafston wondering if their friends had truly succeeded that day, that maybe they perished and failed. Haffston shook his head and said he didn’t believe it. He gives a smile to his drinking parnters and says:

“The world is ending. That’s what they used to say.”



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