Dawn Shatter

Chapter 16: The Black City

Part 1: Beneath the Black Stone

The heroes descended down into the sewers beneath the Black City. There they found a twisting, winding series of tunnels flooded with various raw elemental forces: lightning, fire, mercury, water. Following the various tunnels, they found the source of the lightning: a primordial heart. Namely, the heart that was placed in the Dawn Knight Zavris. They reached out the reclaim and found that once they did, the river of lightning halted and the other elements began to overtake the paths once used by lightning.

They continued to try to find the other hearts, following the water path down into a small dropped off area where not a heart awaited them – but Ataqir! Ataqir, the Dawn Knight of Ice, who orchestrated the death of every person in Stormwall at the beginning of their adventure. The time for this final confrontation had come. The heroes jumped down and engaged, cutting their way through the Dawn Knights. All through the battle, Ataqir continued to elude to Rusty’s ‘true purpose’ and how it ran counter of Ataqir’s goal of removing evil from the universe by destroying everything (The thought being that as long as something exists, evil will exist with it.)

Finally, the party vanquished the final Dawn Knight. But no sooner than finishing a short rest do the heroes feel themselves being pulled upwards. The ceiling breaks open and they are flung up through the stone to find the White King holding them in the air. With the slightest twitch of his finger, the White King demonstrates his ability to choke the party. He tells him that he tires of their intervention, that his plan is almost complete, and that there is very little they can do now.

However, Rusty unsheathes his mighty blade – the Chaosbane – and uses it to weaken the White King. As soon as they could move slightly, Matisse launched a spell to banish the White King to another dimension momentarily. Using this time to try to close the gateway to the Abyss using the key of iggwilv and set up a trap for the White King, however as Alethia rushed to close the gate a giant black tentacle burst from the ground in front of her, followed by more that created a perimeter around the party. From beneath the ground arose the White King, now with a new horrific appearance of giant clawed hands, gnashing teeth beneath his hood, and black tentacles coming out of his back with white eyes at the end.

The final battle had begun.



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