Dawn Shatter

Chapter 15: The Final Assault

The heroes arrived in their former home town of Stormwall to find that it was now refashioned in a massive fortress. Inside they met in the war room with the other leaders of the Kran, the Crimson Wartide, the Haivar People’s Milita, the Tyjar elves and the Falston army. Deciding that since the 333 souls had already been sacrificed, a full out assault was their best option. However, while the assault was waged the party would be able to infiltrate a small sewer entrance in a river of pure lightning.

The heroes stepped out and gave a last rousing speech to their forces as they began to head out. Many realizing it would be the last time they saw home. The armies marched down the hills of Wyrshan and across the rot that had claimed most of the Falston Fields. From their they descended into the Wasteland proper and began their assault. The heroes took their positions as leaders, guiding their troops through the hazardous and deadly environment, combating primordials and elemental titans that roamed the land, but their skills were not prepared for the sheer horrors of the wastes. Only two thirds of their forces arrived at the Black City when the journey was over.

Even worse, a small army of nightmarish monsters awaited them at the gates. Formulating a plan involving the razor bladed metallic trees they had just run through, they were going to lure the army in their and unleashed traps and use the environment to attack their foes. All the while, the heroes would sneak through the sewer. They used what wizards they could to create a massive illusary wall in front of the trees, that while rushed and imperfect was enough that only upon too close to make much of a difference would the monsters be able to tell what was there. Then a group rode out to provoke the monsters and lure them back. And to the surprise of most, it all worked. And in the bloody battle of the beasts of the Black City against what remained of the Stormwall Alliance, the heroes made their way into the Black City.



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