Dawn Shatter

Chapter 14: Under the Dark Sun

Part 1: The Desert

Athas, a strange merciless desert world damned by magic. How is it that they heroes could have ended up here? Was the angel false? Was this a trick? They were stranded here now to search for another Ley Line to open a gate way back home with the Key of Iggwilv. Their best bet lie toward the city of Tyr. A ‘Free City’ mentioned by the wandering merchants (who may have also possible dabbled in slave trading).

For days the party ventured across the grueling desert. The days were scorching and the nights freezing. Matisse caught ill with the desert sickness. Attackers and threats were eluded. But it was when faced with the choice to somehow breach a chasm toward the city, or venture through the caves in the mountains to the other side did their adventure take a turn for the worse.

In the caves they met the Sons of Tyr, a cult of ‘Defilers’: practitioners of arcane magic that steal life from the earth and from others to power their own abilities. Misshapen and deformed, they fled the city of Tyr after their beloved Sorcerer King was destroyed. However, for the party they noticed something else. That the emblem of the Sons of Tyr bore a striking resemblance to that of the symbol of the Elder Elemental Eye… and the Dawn.

However, through cunning and perseverance (using their Donkey Heads to convince them that they too were powerful defilers) the party not only found out that at the seat of the Sorcerer king’s power – the throne room of his ziggurat – was a concentration of ley lines but also convinced them to lead them into the city of Tyr through a secret tunnel to the markets.

While it was unclear whether or not this was a trap, the party ventured on and found that the evil creatures were indeed good on their word and led the party into the City of Tyr.



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