Dawn Shatter

Chapter 13: The Dead World of Greyhawk

Part 2: The Temple of Elemental Evil

The heroes ventured into the wilds of the kingdom of Greyhawk until they encountered a massive dark temple – the fabled Temple of Elemental Evil. Following the path of Arnd, Iggwilv, and Mordenkainen before them, they ventured deep into the temple.

They faced horrors and challenges unlike anything they faced back in the home world. They made pacts and bargains to gain the favor of fallen primordials to help forge the Key of Iggwilv. Alethia was freed of her magical addiction by being purged of all ‘temptation’ destroying her wealth of magical artifacts save for her father’s heirloom wand. Shanraa changed not only her face but also her history by becoming human instead of a half orc. Matisse sacrificed his mother’s sword. Malcolm was put to task as a test subject to find a safe passage through a series of cursed doors after they poxed the party with donkey heads.

However, in the end the party forged the Key, and sought to flee the dread temple back home. They fled to the surface and used it to open a gate just as a monsterous abyssal plague infected skeleton knight version of the once proud Sir Arnd appeared at the gates. From the gate appeared an angel who offered them guidance to a portal that would send them home. Believing the being’s words, they followed her through the portal to escape Arnd the Damned.

The angel led them down a path of light filled doors for what seemed like days or weeks – maybe longer – till she stopped at a door and told them this was it. As the heroes walked into the door, Matisse caught glimpse of something from the corner of his eye – the angel worse his mother’s beloved brooch!

As the party tumbled through the doorway, they found themselves crashing on the dry desert sands. Confused as this locale was not familiar to them in the least, they found a wandering caravan manned by a stout bald man and a large insectoid creature who explained to them that they were not in their home world – they were in a land called Athas.



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