Dawn Shatter

Chapter 13: The Dead World of Greyhawk

Part 1: The Town of Hommlet

The party found themselves in an eerie dark world where the cracked earth glowed with a deep crimson light and the sky only momentarily illuminated by flashes of red lightning. They wandered into the town of Hommlet only to find it barren and empty. Using whatever illumination they could, they explored the town in an attempt to figure out what was going on.

They discovered the Elder’s Home, where they found charts and books marking off plants and wildlife in the area, many crossed out. They found the log of the town’s recent history which made references to the “Cult of the New Day” which built a temple between the towns of Hommlet and Nulb. It also makes references to the areas around the temple and Hommlet becoming greener and greener in the face of a drought while surrounding areas got worse and worse. Finally, the log made mention of the Lord-Mayor of the Free City of Greyhawk was sending a special envoy to the town and to the temple to investigate.

The party then visited the inn. Here they found the first sign of what was once life. The Inn was covered in skeletons. Some investigation bears a few things, that there is puddle of red liquid lined with silver veins on the ground – a similar sight to the party from the strange liquid in Haivar – and the last few names on the guestbook: Mordenkainen, Iggwilv, and Sir Arnd. While leaving, the party heard something and when they investigated they were attacked by a group of massive demonic creatures that looked like the things being created in the caverns below Haivar. They defeated them but Rusty and Alethia were infected with whatever that liquid is causing boils to start spreading across their bodies from the wounds.

Finally, they investigated the town Church, devoted to what seemed like a monotheistic belief in a deity of light. The church was charred and burned, full of skeletons that were burnt. At the altar there was a burned markings of a circle bearing the symbols of the four elements, and the wall had carved the letters A R N in it. The group contemplated the possibility that the knight Sir Arnd mentioned in the Inn and assumed to be part of the envoy from Greyhawk, had destroyed the church for some reason.

Finally, after investigating, the party left to follow the road to the Temple. Ahead of them on the road appeared to be a spectral apparitions of two men, one in armor, and a woman walking ahead of them. No matter what they couldn’t catch up, and when they stopped the image seemed to continue to keep walking but never going forward…



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