Dawn Shatter

Chapter 12: Kranok's Salvation

The Warriors Need Saving? Time for the God Squad!

The City of Kranok

- Party traveled to Kranok.
- They found that the city of Kranok was empty, and in ruin. When they eventually found someone they discovered they were frozen in ice.
- That’s when they were contacted by the survivors, led by the son of the Kran chieftan: Kodur Shatel. He explained that the Dawn and the Ogmars that dwell in the hills (a clan of giants and ettins) simultaneously assaulted the village and hauled off the majority of the town’s people. Kodur tried to save all the women, children and elderly he could into the underground caves.
- In the caves, the party also met Jol Boronak. An Orc seer with one blind eye that sees visions of the future. Despite some initial confrontations with the half-orc, Shanraa. Jol explained that he had foretold of the party’s arrival – but it was to occur before the Ogmar’s attacked.
- The party, wanting to help and recruit the warriors of the Kran, offered assistance. Kodur explained that the best chance was to find where the prisoners had been taken in the Sacred City of Rothane in the mountains. Also that a sacred relic of the Kran, the Tear of Shadows, could be used to free the frozen warriors.
- Armed with a destination in mind, the party set off up the mountains to the city of Rothane. Ordering the Gray Flame to stay on the other side of the mountain in case of an emergency escape.

The Sacred City of Rothane

- The ruined city was crawling with a large number of giants and ettin. The party decided to try to sneak in. While it proved to be difficult, an unfortunately useful distraction by Matisse causing an avalanche proved immensely useful in the task. Unfortunately it was not enough and the party found themselves surrounded.
- The battle was brutal, with more giants quickly en route, the party tried to make it to the entrance only to have themselves surrendering to the numerically and dimensionally advantageous giants. They party was then escorted into a large temple where a figure in a Dawn Robe quickly put them to sleep.
- The majority of the party awoke in a large crowded room full of the Kran prisoners. Mostly warriors and fighters with a few women and children and a single shifter that would cackle and mock the heroes attempts to figure a way out. Alethia examined markings around the room, while Malcolm and Matisse tried to figure out the best way to pick the lock.
- Rusty on the other hand was taken to the lower levels where he found himself awakened by the desecrated and dissected corpse of his father. Across from him was the Dawn Knight Ataqir, to his right the creature known as Malicel. Ataqir quizzed Rusty extensively on why Mortekan had so many notes on him as well as the entire lineage of the Al Kemit family line. He was inquiring to know why the White King viewed him and him alone as such a threat as to merit death and destruction to prevent resurrection. Rusty had no answers. So Malicel escorted him to the prison with the others to await execution. Malicel explained there was no hope for Rusty and his friends. Camnir and Haivar were on the chopping block as the Army of 333 began to move.
- After being reunited, the party began to work on a plan to escape. They discovered mentions of hidden passages, as well as a strange recollection of the Dawn War where a name that no one could recall was mysteriously vanished from the inscriptions.
- After breaking out, the party launched into action to attack a group of cultists in a temple who were worshiping an idol (thinking that the idol may be the Tear of Shadows). However, they forgot they did not have their weapons on them and began to try to attack without them. The party split, with the casters playing defense while the others tried to find the weapons in adjacent hallways. Ultimately bashing in a door, they found their gear and the fight began proper.
- The relic they found was actually a statue to Ogremoch, elemental prince of Earth. They began searching finding some other items, and then a few secret passages. One that led to the hallway where their weapons were stored, and the other downward into the darkness. They tried to descend into the darkness to find that it ended them up right in the middle of a group of cultists doing something to a large minotaur.
- The battle was fierce but the group came out on top. They found the tear of shadows that the cultists were using, and tried to use it to reverse the stone transformation of the minotaur, discovering it was the king of Kranok, Chieftan Bath’tel. Though because of the damage he received while in his stony form, his fleshy body could not sustain his life.
- The party then found a secret door leading out, likely the one Ataqir was using to come and go from the temple. They rounded up the remaining Kran from around the temple, placed the corpse of Bath’tel in the handy haversack, and then led them to safety.

Returning to Kranok

- The party returned to the city and led the people back. Kodur expressed doubts at the ability to lead his people in the wake of his fathers demise, but Rusty and the party reassured him that he could do this. He declared that the Kran would dedicate themselves to the cause of the God Squad.
- The Orc Seer, Jol Boronak, now reuinited with aide, Crisikana, the shifter from the temple, stated that it was now his place to join the crew of the Gray Flame. That he must aide the heroes in their final trials. That they would need him before the end.
- The group mentioned that for the safety of the Kran, Kodur should lead his people to the west through the Orc lands to the town of Stormwall where the magic would protect them till the time came.
- Finally, the party boarded the Gray Flame and decided to head to Camnir and lend a hand against the Army of 333. Alas, while en route the ship began to lurch. Qiton quickly diagnosed the problem as the ship’s engine was sabotaged. Likely by Nahrees while she was living below. As the sky turned dark and crackled with lightning, they ship plummeted towards the earth. Qiton trying desperately to steer it towards Calasin Lake by the town of Calashore.
- In the midst of the chaos, the White King appeared. Quite angry. He declared the party no longer a simple thorn but a threat to his plan. He decided to exile them to another world. And in a flash of black flames, the heroes were gone. Shock fell on Qiton and the rest of the crews face as Jol tried to usher them all back under to brace for impact…
- The party on the other hand found themselves in darkness. Rusty’s attempt to light up using his blessing from pelor to illuminate a lone sign on the cobblestone road: “WELCOME TO THE TOWN OF HOMMLET



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